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Carbon Trading Platform

The heart of our business is our bespoke Carbon Trading Platform named Ikigai, Japanese for the purpose of living.

Ikigai is our front-end platform where our corporate and retail customers can buy, sell, trade or retire Carbon offsets from a wide selection of different projects around the world.

Our backend is Blockchain Ledger technology which will provide a complete audit trail tracking the entire life-cycle of our credits.

All Carbon offsets available for sale on Ikigai are fully vetted and thorough due-diligence has been carried out on all aspects of the project developer, the standard attached and their methodology used to validate the Carbon offsets prior to onboarding. We truly believe our credits are the best on the market and we have transparent mechanisms to track forward flows of money to ensure correct distribution as part of the Environmental, Social and Governance promised by project developers.

When you purchase from Aqualibre you are in safe hands; we have first to market insurance policies underwritten for each and every Carbon Offset you acquire. This is one our significant USPs.

Ikigai is currently under full development and our team hope to have a fully working MVP by Q2 2024. 

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