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In what areas of ecology does AQLA plan to work?


Aqualibre will develop carbon credits in three specific areas: Direct Air Capture – capturing pollution from the atmosphere, Rainforest Protection and Oceanic mangrove protection. Industrial enterprises emit substantial quantities of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Shielding the air from contamination averts their detrimental impact! Tropical forests represent over 50% of the Earth’s green cover, harboring more than 80% of animal and bird species. The rapid deforestation of these areas is alarming: South America has lost over 40% of its trees, while Madagascar and West Africa have witnessed a staggering 90% reduction. This is an ecological catastrophe of global proportions. Mangrove forests serve as habitats for diverse life forms and play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change. Presently, these ecosystems face peril, and the window to address this threat is rapidly closing.