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Does Aqualibre protect marine life?


For sure – yes! $AQLA stands as a comprehensive project that spans across all facets of ecology, and that encompasses the protection of marine ecosystems. To tackle this endeavour, we’re introducing the following initiatives:

  • Carbon Offset: AQLA offers individuals the opportunity to purchase carbon offset credits, a portion of which will be channelled into funding programs dedicated to marine life conservation.
  • Ecosystem Monitoring: Leveraging the data stored on the AQLA platform, we enable the tracking of the marine ecosystem’s health. This encompasses water quality, pollution levels, aquatic life diversity, and more. This data empowers the prompt identification of issues and the formulation of remedial measures.
  • Scientific Research: Our project actively supports scientific studies focused on the marine ecosystem. By granting access to data and tools, AQLA facilitates researchers in assessing the impact of human activity on marine life. These findings will contribute to the formulation of effective preservation strategies.
  • Public Education: The information compiled on the AQLA platform serves to elevate public awareness about the significance of conserving marine life.

Join hands with us in this collective effort to safeguard aquatic ecosystems and protect their inhabitants for the greater future ahead.