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The Aqualibre project founder and CEO spent the last 15 years of his career working and developing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policies for large corporations and governments around the world. This led to the concept of forming a business that was purely driven by ESG ethics, with the ability to reach a global participation through a non-traditional business model. 

The founder was introduced to Bitcoin 7 years ago. This started a research of Cryptocurrencies and their various new-world use cases. With knowledge in both fields, the concept was then to combine Web3 & Blockchain technology to the newly emerging Carbon offset projects that purely exist to protect the planet and environment.

The project’s mission was to develop a synergy of digital currency with environmental currency and create a highly efficient, trusted and transparent business model that delivers the required transition from traditional centralised money systems and opaque carbon markets. 

The Aqualibre team combine the necessary skills and track records of building successful and sustainable businesses. The team and our wealth of advisors has continued to grow significantly over the last 2 years and are now recognised as innovators within the Carbon Market space.

The key to Aqualibre:  Trust-Transparency-Transition 

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Carbon Net Zero planet by 2050

The Leadership Team

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Anthony Hooley

CEO - Founder

Anthony has spent the last 16 years involved in information services for high-risk country ventures. Services provided were related to resourcing data for mining, minerals, aircraft fleet leasing and country & political risk exposure.

Anthony is currently studying at the University of Cyprus – Blockchain management studies.

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Joseph Clark

COO - Co-founder

Joe is a leading senior professional having built his career within the UK’s Financial Services sector. He has gained extensive regulatory experience in all aspects of compliance, risk, Anti-Money Laundering & KYC and has successfully steered two firms through the stringent FCA application process.

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Frank Lewis

Non-Exec Director

Frank spent over thirty years in investment banking in New York and London, culminating with appointments as a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, and latterly as a partner at Lazard. His focus now is raising project finance and delivering value for global Net-Zero initiatives, encompassing infrastructure, energy production and forestation.

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Jamie Williams

VP - Investor Relations

Jamie is a regulated financial broker based in London. Jamie acts as liaison officer to Aqualibre’s investors and also gives advice to the governance board on investor liaison and overall project strategy.

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Hristo Piyankov

Tokenomics and Blockchain

Hristo is one of the most highly respected economics advisors in blockchain today. Hristo has developed analysis and behavioural economics for over 200+ projects and is the lead economist on the Aqualibre Project. Hristo is advising on our foundation 5 year business model and economic structure.

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Sean Yeo

Insurance Specialist

Sean is the Managing Director of one of the UKs leading insurance brokers. Sean advises Aqualibre on a range of insurance specific risk requirements for the carbon offset space, bringing a wealth of knowledge in this specialised sector and delivering high quality coverage to our clients.

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George Harrigan-Brown

ESG Compliance

George is Head of Compliance, Risk and Audit for Hilton Food Group. George is a qualified accountant and auditor. He will be advising on Aqualibre’s strategy on global ESG projects.